WGN TV Beer & Food Pairing

In case I haven’t properly introduced myself yet: Hi, my name is Chris. I’ve worked in hospitality for over 18 years, the last 15 of them as a bartender. You might know me from my instructional flair bartending videos. However, in the last two years I’ve started working more in depth with the beer industry as well. Still love my flair – in fact, the new job has finally allowed me the time to develop the FlairBartending.TV website and videos – but I mostly make my money nowadays from teaching people about beer. I love what I do.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being on Chicago TV channel WGN to talk about beer & food pairing in support of an upcoming festival, the American Beer Classic. If you’d like to see what I do when I’m not flipping bottles, here’s the segment. At the very end, he asks me about my website, which I had no idea he even knew about. Anyway, he got me a little tongue-twisted and I ended up saying I had 5 million YouTube “subscribers” which is a bit of an overstatement! I meant to say 5 million YouTube views (between the new and old channel.) Whoops. Ah, well, gotta dream big!