Flair Bartending Lesson #52: Tomahawk Swipe Thru

If you’re comfortable with the Fencer’s Flourish and any of the Swipe Thru moves, this move should be simple to learn. Things to keep in mind:

1) Any time you are learning a move with two items and/or two hands, practice each item/hand separately and get comfortable with that first. I promise you this concept has saved me hours of practice time.

2) Once your comfortable with each hand/item, try doing them at the same time. Your hands should move almost simultaneously, with the tin toss just a split second before the bottle maneuver.

3) Practice first with a FlairCo Bottle or an empty bottle. Then fill it 1/4 full and practice again. Then 1/2 full and practice. Then 3/4. Make sure you’re not spilling!