Flair Lesson #22: Thumb Roll

Warning: this one is maddening, addictive, and super fun. It was maddening for me because it took me forever to finally get it down. It’s addictive because it is a move that you can easily practice and repeat without really focusing on it. And it’s super fun – once you get it down.

The main reason I love this move is that even though it is not super flashy, it is a great litmus test. As I’ve mentioned before, not everyone wants to see you flair – oftentimes they just want a quick drink. This move is a great little litmus test to help determine whether or not your guest is interested. I start probably half my cocktails with this thumb roll; if I see that the guest takes notice or smiles at this maneuver, I might go into a couple more complex moves. If they don’t seem to care, I go right into making their drink and it hasn’t cost me a single second. Tips for thumb roll: Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #22: Thumb Roll