Flair Bartending TV Lesson 81: Bottle Tin Start w/Misdirection


This week’s Flair Bartending TV lesson is a bottle & tin start, using the Misdirection we recently learned. It’s a great option to start any bottle tin routine and lends itself nicely to flow into other moves. You can see in the video – both at the beginning and the end – how to combine the Bottle Tin Start with a Swipe Thru and even add a Shadow Pass into Tin for some nice combo routines.

Tips for learning this week’s move:

1) Make sure you are comfortable with the Misdirection.

2) This is exhibition flair: make sure you are using a bottle that is less than 1/4 full.

3) Dude, watch the video.

4) Do people read these descriptions? Leave a comment if you find the descriptions helpful. Otherwise, I’m gonna get back to flipping some bottles.