Flair Lesson #2: Back of the Hand Cradle

Our first real move to learn is called a Back of the Hand Cradle. This is a good, basic, working flair move that can be done with nearly any bottle – probably not a great one for Chambord, but I particularly like tall bottles like Midori, Belvedere, or Galliano for this move. Get a nice comfortable throw across your body, letting it fall or tilt slightly. Use the back of your two hands, held slightly apart, to cradle the bottle and then springboard it back to your other hand. It’s not crazy difficult – you should be able to get the basic motion down after a few minutes of practice – but we’re starting small.

Start by practicing with an empty bottle or with a FlairCo practice bottle. Before you try this at work, Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #2: Back of the Hand Cradle