Flair Bartending Lesson #45: Beer Bottle Pop Open

Happy New Year’s everybody! This ain’t exactly opening a bottle of champagne with a saber, but it’s as close as we’re going to get. This is some fun, working prop flair that is really tricky at first but has a nice effect and is worth practicing until you can get it down.

Tips to successfully learning the beer bottle pop open:

1) Use the proper tools. A basic speed opener works best.

2) This move is easier to do with certain beer bottles. Find which ones work best for you. For me, it’s any type of Budweiser or Bud Light bottle – the neck is long enough and doesn’t have the lip that Miller Lite bottles have. Also, Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson #45: Beer Bottle Pop Open

Product Review: Speed Opener with Spinner Ring

No way around it, if you are a bartender you spend a good part of your night opening bottles of beer. There are dozens of different types of bottle openers out there: this is the bottle opener that I have used for over 10 years. It’s the simplest and the best. Sometimes referred to as a Mamba or a Popper, the Speed Opener is a cheap and effective bottle opener, perfect for opening one bottle of beer or dozens in succession. They retail between $3-4, though you can find some fancy, decorated ones for upwards of $10-12. Get the fancy ones if you want, but the cheaper ones work just as well. The Speed Opener is required hardware not just for flair bartenders, but for every bartender.

Don’t forget to pick up a Continue Reading » Product Review: Speed Opener with Spinner Ring

Flair Bartending Lesson #40: Two Bottle Pop Open

This is another great Prop Flair┬áthat comes in handy when someone orders two beers. No bottle or tins – just two beer bottles and a Speed Opener.

1) To practice this move, start with the Speed Opener in your right hand. Holding it straight out from you, level to the ground.

2) Place a beer bottle on the middle of the opener.

3) Use your left hand to mimic holding the 2nd bottle just for practice. Imagine it is hanging just below the speed opener and pretend you are going to hold it firmly with your left hand.

4) In one motion, try Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson #40: Two Bottle Pop Open