Rules of Flair Practice

Flair bartending can be the most fun you have with your clothes on but it can also be dangerous, frustrating, and exhausting. Over the years, I’ve developed the following rules for safe, smart, effective flair bartending practice:

1) Practice, practice, practice. If it was easy, every bottle-jockey would be doing it. Pick your up bottles, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

2) Service, service, service. If I come into your bar and see you clumsily flipping bottles while 2 people are waiting for drinks, I will order a Mojito, 2 Old Fashioneds, something with ice cream, and 5 different shots. And I won’t tip. The Flair Bartending Association’s motto: Service First, Flair Second, Competition Always.

3) Use the proper tools. If you can get your hands on a FlairCo Practice Bottle, please do. They are entirely worth the $25-30 investment; you will be happy you got one. They not only save you time from picking broken glass out of your hand but since they are nearly unbreakable they up your game by increasing your confidence and willingness to try some ridiculous moves. If you absolutely can’t get a plastic practice bottle, Continue Reading » Rules of Flair Practice