Flair Combo: Lesson 29 & 97

This week marks the 98th lesson for Flair Bartending TV. Two more weeks and we’ll be at 100. Don’t go anywhere; things are going to start moving faster.


Flair Bartending Lesson 73: Over Shoulder Bottle Tin w/Under Leg


Flair Bartending Lesson #49: Ice Scoop Tin Routine

If you’re just starting out flair bartending or are having a hard time flairing bottles without spilling, this is a great chance to set the bottle down and do some great prop flair with an ice scoop and a tin. Perfect start to making a drink or start a routine for a competition.

You can do this move with any size ice scoop, but it’s much easier with a bigger one. You can find a big ice scoop like the one in the video in my bar store. If you’re looking for a neon cocktail shaker like the one in the video, you can find one in my bar store, too.