We’ve Added A Flair Bartenders’ Forum

I’m excited to announce that FBTV has recently added a forum. The Flair Bartenders’ Forum is a place to ask questions about new moves, products, competitions, drink recipes, dealing with customers, etc. Talk with other flair bartenders, both new and pro. Post videos of yourself, and get feedback from others, or share¬†must-see videos of awesome flair bartenders.

There is also a brand new category for listing flair bars around the world so that you can find good flair wherever you are in the world. It’s empty right now – it’s just waiting for someone to start listing their favorite flair bars!

The forum is new; if there isn’t a thread about a topic you’re interested in, feel free to start one!

Anyone can read the forum but you must be signed in to post or comment. Sign-up is easy: pick a username, enter your email, and your initial password will be emailed to you. I’m working on getting registration integrated with Facebook so you can just sign-in through them. Try it and see if it works for you. If not, let me know and I’ll see about getting it fully rocking as soon as possible.