Flairtending Lesson #74: Bottle Tin Over Shoulder Full Routine

This week’s flairtending move is another addition to the sequence we’ve been working on the past couple weeks. All we are doing is adding on a behind the back tin toss. Make sure you are good with the previous weeks’ flairtending moves.

It may take a little bit of practice to get the timing down; the rhythm is a bit funky since the tin takes more time to travel behind your back than it does to come under your leg. Be sure to let the tin roll off your fingers nice and evenly.

Finish this sequence by catching the bottle in the tin. This is a great flairtending sequence on its own and also works nicely as the start or finish of a much larger set of moves.

Have fun with this one and practice, practice!

Flair Bartending Lesson 73: Over Shoulder Bottle Tin w/Under Leg


Flairtending Lesson #66: Double Over Shoulder Into Stall

We’re finally starting to get into some more impressive moves on our journey into flairtending. The Double Over the Shoulder into a Stall is a clean, impressive, exhibition flair move that is the perfect addition to our previous moves.

First of all, make sure you are already comfortable with the Double Over the Shoulder as well as the Stall and Flip Stall – this move is really just a combination of those flair moves. Probably doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re good with the previous move, the Double Over Shoulder into Tin, either, since this is just a slight variation of that move.

I’ll say it again: practice those previous moves until you can get them 90% of the time. If you do that, Continue Reading » Flairtending Lesson #66: Double Over Shoulder Into Stall

Flair Bartending Lesson #64: Double Over Shoulder

The Bottle Double Over the Shoulder is a great beginner’s exhibition flair bartending move that you should be able to pick up with just a bit of practice. This is when flair starts to get exciting!

My suggestions for this flair move:

1) Your grip on the bottle: pour spout should be in the center of your palm with your fingers wrapped around the neck of the bottle. Your index finger should be pressed against the bottle  and extend straight down the neck.

2) Think of this move as less of a throw and more of a lift and pull. Build some momentum with the bottle as it swings from in front of you to behind you. As your arm extends behind you, three things happen simultaneously: 1) your elbow comes up and points out to the side, 2) your wrist bends and comes up toward your armpit, and Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson #64: Double Over Shoulder