Flair Bartending Lesson 90: Arm Roll Down into Pour


This week’s flair bartending move is a great effect that takes LOTS of practice. Essentially, all we are doing is the Around the Head Grip Change into the Arm Roll Down – except we are doing it one-handed with no guidance for the bottle. Easier said than done.

Tips I have for learning this flair move:

1) Practice, practice. Seriously. Do this 100 times; hopefully you’ll get it once. Do it another 100; hopefully you’ll get it twice.

2)┬áPlay with the amount of liquid you have in the bottle. I’ve seen people do this with half full bottles; some people prefer nearly empty bottles. See which one works for you.

3) Play with the angle at which you extend your arm. In the video, my arm is angled down quite a bit; however, I often see people do this flair move with their arm more straight out. “Stepping into” the move and using that momentum to push the bottle away from you can be a much more effective way to control the bottle as it rolls down your arm.

4) Did I mention practice? Yeah, practice some more.

Flair Lesson 83: Toughest Move Yet


This week’s move is by far the most difficult flair lesson we’ve had yet. It’s exhibition flair, which tends to be more difficult than working flair, but it also involves 2 items in the air at the same time, which we haven’t really gotten into much until this point. Practice this one for a while without any liquid in the bottle. Once you get it down, try it with an ounce or two in the bottle. Then dry yourself off and keep practicing until you can get it without spraying. It’s going to be maddening, but I promise you can get it if you, ya know, practice practice.

Tips for getting Flair Lesson 83:

1) As with all 2 item moves, practice each hand/item separately. Start with just the tin in your left hand and mimic the movements that hand will make. Set the tin down and practice the movements your right hand will make with the bottle: walk through the bottle catch, bottle over the shoulder throw, the tin catch, and the bottle in tin catch, with your right hand. Do this 10 times. You might feel silly, so practice alone where no one can laugh at you, but be confident in knowing that this will help you a lot.

2) Break each part of this flair lesson down and practice them separately until you are comfortable with each part. Start with just the left hand release of the bottle out of the tin and catch in your right hand. Practice the nearly simultaneous left-hand toss of the tin with the right-hand throw of the bottle. Don’t worry about catching them – let them fall – but get comfortable with the timing of the throw.

3) Once you can do the separate parts of the move, put them all together. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but try it 15-20 times. Then go back and try each part separately again. Then try putting them all together again. Rinse, repeat 20 times. Stick with it and I promise you’ll get it.

4) The first time you pull this move off, comment on the YouTube video and tell me what a rockstar you are. Seriously.