Flair Bartending Lesson #47: Icing a Glass #1

I LOVE, love, love practical flair. One of the few complaints I ever hear about flair bartenders is that they take longer to make drinks. While some of my favorite flair bartenders could out-pace a cheetah on steroids, I get the point. I don’t care if you can juggle 3 bottles while riding a flaming unicycle, I want my gin & tonic right now. The cooks aren’t back there juggling my burger for their amusement – they’re getting it to me asap. Do the same with drinks.

I dig this prop flair move because it’s simple, practical, easy-to-learn, and doesn’t take a single second longer than scooping ice into a glass the boring way every bartender does. This is also a good “litmus test” that I’ve mentioned before: real quick flair you can do to test the waters and gauge your guest’s response. If they seem intrigued, tread lightly into a simple routine. If they Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson #47: Icing a Glass #1

Flair Lesson #26: Tin Start

We’ve been learn slightly more difficult moves lately and I know this move might seem to be a step backward. Hopefully, you can figure out the mechanics of this on your own with just a little bit of practice – I’m just pulling the tin off the rail, giving it a 1 1/2 spin, and catching it by my ear. However, this move is hugely important because it functions as a litmus test of sorts. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, unless you work in a full flair bar, not all of your guests want to see you flip bottles. Bummer I know, but your job as a bartender is to give your guests exactly what they want.Sometimes that means conversation, sometimes it means entertainment, other times it means a quick drink. This move, the Tin Start is a great, simple litmus test you can use to start making any drink. Keep an eye on your guest while you do the move. If they don’t care or if they don’t seem interested, just make their damn drink. If you get a positive response, consider adding a little flair to their drink. Either way, it only cost you a half second to find out.

I start nearly all of my drinks with either this Tin Start, the Thumb Roll, or a Basic Tin Behind the Back.

FYI: if you’re wondering what tin I am using in this video, it is the Neon Green Coated 28oz. Tin. Exactly the same as our usual 28oz. Standard Weighted Tin, just looks a little flashier.


Flair Lesson 19: Basic Tin Behind Back

Not a lot to say about this move because it is pretty basic. However, I thought it was worth making a video for this move because it tends to be my most common starting move for making a drink. It helps to be comfortable with the Flat Behind the Back, just to be used to the catch.

Grab the tin off the bar and pull it back towards you, giving a little wrist-flick to get a half-spin and catch it behind your back. If you’re having trouble, be sure to watch it all the way into your catch.

This move is great for bars that aren’t crazy Continue Reading » Flair Lesson 19: Basic Tin Behind Back