Flair Bartending Lesson #48: Icing a Glass #2

This is some more good prop flair that should be relatively easy to learn and is impressive enough to be effective. Break the move down into its separate parts and you’ll find it’s pretty easy. The most difficult part is probably catching the glass behind the back but if you have a proper ice scoop, it shouldn’t be too tough.

Flair Bartending Lesson #47: Icing a Glass #1

I LOVE, love, love practical flair. One of the few complaints I ever hear about flair bartenders is that they take longer to make drinks. While some of my favorite flair bartenders could out-pace a cheetah on steroids, I get the point. I don’t care if you can juggle 3 bottles while riding a flaming unicycle, I want my gin & tonic right now. The cooks aren’t back there juggling my burger for their amusement – they’re getting it to me asap. Do the same with drinks.

I dig this prop flair move because it’s simple, practical, easy-to-learn, and doesn’t take a single second longer than scooping ice into a glass the boring way every bartender does. This is also a good “litmus test” that I’ve mentioned before: real quick flair you can do to test the waters and gauge your guest’s response. If they seem intrigued, tread lightly into a simple routine. If they Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson #47: Icing a Glass #1