Flair Lesson #32: Figure 8 Pour

I like this move because you’re not actually throwing anything so there’s less concern about dropping. It’s really more of a hand maneuver. It’s also functional – you’re pouring the drink while flairing. There’s also some really nice finishes that we can add to the Figure 8 Pour that we’ll go into later.

1) Start with the bottle in your right hand, gripping it as though you’ve just pulled it out of the rail. Hold the tin in your left hand at the top of the tin with your middle finger and thumb opposite each other. The tin should be loose and able to hinge or swing back and forth.

2) Focusing on just the bottle, give it a slight toss – just enough to change your grip up to the neck of the bottle, palm down.

3) In your left hand, give a little momentum to swing the tin over with your palm face up. The mouth of the tin should be face up.

4) Practice steps #2 and #3 independently. Once you feel comfortable, try doing them at the same time. You should Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #32: Figure 8 Pour