Lesson 94: Arm Roll Down to Double Across Body (with Pour/Cut)

Wow, that is a mouthful of a name for this move. If you’ve been following along with the lessons so far, we are synthesizing a few previous moves and adding one new one to create a nice little mini-routine. Make sure you know the Arm Roll Down and the Pour Cut already.

To put this sequence together, the new move we are learning involves throwing the bottle in a double spin across your body and catching the bottle right side up. The slightly tricky part is that the grip we are doing it with is the grip you have on the bottle/tin at the end of the Arm Roll Down. Practice just this double throw a bunch of times, then see if you can put the whole routine together.

Also, as with all moves – especially exhibition flair moves – be sure to learn the move with an empty bottle or a FlairCo bottle. Once you are comfortable with the move, then add a few ounces of water and practice it again until you can do it without spilling.

Get on it, cuz we’re going to add a new ending on to this to make another routine very soon.


Flair Bartending Lesson 57: Understanding Working Flair vs Exhibition Flair

This may be the most important lesson you learn. It’s not an exciting video to watch but it’s a hugely important concept: understanding the difference between Working Flair and Exhibition Flair.

At its simplest definition, Working Flair is any manipulation of objects behind your bar (bottles, tins, ice, etc.) that you do to entertain your guests while you are making drinks at work. Exhibition Flair, on the other hand, is any manipulation of objects (flairing) that you do as part of a performance, show, or competition and is usually longer and more choreographed.

Seems simple enough: Working Flair is done at work, exhibition flair is done at competitions, right? Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson 57: Understanding Working Flair vs Exhibition Flair