Flair Bartending Lesson 85: Bump to Tin w/Elbow Smack


This week’s flair bartending lesson is another move that feels great once you land it. It’s not terribly difficult IF you already know The Bump. This is exhibition flair, so when you are learning this move make you are using a 750ml bottle; when you are doing this at work, make sure the 750ml bottle has less than 4 oz. in it.

Tips for getting this flair move down:

1) Make sure you are comfortable and consistent with The Bump. Seriously.

2) Practice bumping the bottle and catching it in the tin in front of you. Don’t worry about trying to get it over your arm and catching it by the elbow just yet. Just get to a point where you’re comfortable catching the bottle in the tin.

3) Once you’re comfortable bumping the tin into the bottle, now it’s time to practice catching it behind your elbow. As you bump the bottle, continue with that forward motion to move your arm forward and away from your body. At the same time, bring the tin under your arm and hold it just past your elbow.

4) Once you get to this point, you’re ready for the elbow smack. First, make sure the bottle isn’t stuck in the tin. Give the tin a little shake. If the bottle is stuck, give the tin just a little nudge with your elbow.

5) Once you know the tin is loose, you’re going to lift the bottle/tin up swiftly, letting the bottle come out of the tin.

6) Just as the bottle is starting to come out of the cocktail shaker, move your elbow swiftly backwards, smacking the bottle to give it one rotation, and catch the flair bottle with your hand.

7) Rinse. Repeat.