Flair Combo: Lesson 29 & 97

This week marks the 98th lesson for Flair Bartending TV. Two more weeks and we’ll be at 100. Don’t go anywhere; things are going to start moving faster.


Welcome To FlairBartending.TV

The Multi Pour

Welcome to FlairBartending.TV. After blogging for 5 years at ChrisTheBartender.com, acquiring over 10,000 bartenders/subscribers and nearly 5 million YouTube views, I decided it was time to create a site dedicated 100% to teaching flair bartending. If you’ve been bartending for a while and are looking for the next step, join me and we’ll take your bartending to a whole new level with practical, easy-to-learn flair bartending moves. We start slow with the basics but things get complex quick. Increase your sales, tips, and overall enjoyment by adding a little flair to your bartending job. New moves debut every week, Continue Reading » Welcome To FlairBartending.TV