Lesson 94: Arm Roll Down to Double Across Body (with Pour/Cut)

Wow, that is a mouthful of a name for this move. If you’ve been following along with the lessons so far, we are synthesizing a few previous moves and adding one new one to create a nice little mini-routine. Make sure you know the Arm Roll Down and the Pour Cut already.

To put this sequence together, the new move we are learning involves throwing the bottle in a double spin across your body and catching the bottle right side up. The slightly tricky part is that the grip we are doing it with is the grip you have on the bottle/tin at the end of the Arm Roll Down. Practice just this double throw a bunch of times, then see if you can put the whole routine together.

Also, as with all moves – especially exhibition flair moves – be sure to learn the move with an empty bottle or a FlairCo bottle. Once you are comfortable with the move, then add a few ounces of water and practice it again until you can do it without spilling.

Get on it, cuz we’re going to add a new ending on to this to make another routine very soon.


Flair Bartending Lesson 78: Combo #5


This week’s flair move is simply a combination of Lessons:

#24: Circle Swipe Thru
#77: Swipe Thru Exchange
#66: Double Over Shoulder to Stall
#67: Stall, Pour, Flip

As you can tell from the short video, I don’t really  go into detail about the moves – we’ve already done that in each individual lesson. Make sure you practice each of those lessons individually and can get the move 90% of the time. Once you can do that, following the flair sequence I show in the video should come naturally!

Flair Bartending Lesson #56: Combo #4

It’s time for another combo move – putting together a couple of our previous moves into a longer, nicer, prettier, more fluid, lovable routine. This particular combo is simply adding The Exchange onto the end of The Swooping J. Obviously, you need to make sure you are good and comfortable with those moves first. After that, combining these two shouldn’t be particularly difficult – they kind of blend magically right into each other.

The only slightly tricky part of the transition may be adjusting to the different grip you’ll have on the bottle at the end of the Swooping J that you’ll have to pull into a flat behind the back for the Exchange. You’re probably used to doing that Flat Behind the Back with your thumb and elbow pointing up; for this combo you’ll have to get used to an inverse grip which has your thumb/elbow pointing down. Minor adjustment, same movement. A little practice and you’ll have it down just fine.

Flair Lesson #31: Combo #3

At first glance this is by far the most complex, longest, flashiest flair move we’ve learned so far. But if you’ve been practicing the earlier moves and being ambidextrous, it will be amazingly easy.

All we are doing here is putting together three moves we’ve already learned. Start with the Double Flat Back to Front. That should build a little momentum to bring you into the Circle Swipe Thru. Finish with the Change Grip into Arm Roll Down, or any other of the Change Grip finishes we annoyingly had to learn in the first half dozen videos.

That’s it. Not a lot of technical advice to give in this clip. Instead, I want to take a moment to congratulate you – if you’ve been patient, practicing, and slowly building to get here – because here is where your hard work will really start to pay off. And here’s where it gets fun. Up to now, we’ve been learning all these small little one-or-two motion moves. Now is when I start to show you how to synthesize those moves together into more entertaining routines. I also encourage you to start combining moves on your own, start putting them together in ways that make sense to you, ways that feel fluid or natural. You’ve got the tools, it’s time to start making your own not-quite-mini routines.

Flair Lesson #25: Combo #2

Woot, woot, another combo move. Time to celebrate how much you’ve learned by combining a couple previous moves into a slick, longer move. The moves we are combining here are the Circle Swipe Thru and the Change Grip Around Head, so make sure you’re good to go on those moves. Here, we’re going to focus on the transition between the two.

Start this routine by doing the Circle Swipe Thru just like you’ve learned. When you come to the finishing point of this (elbow pointing down, bottle extended and pointing up), all we are going to do is bend your elbow and pull your forearm into toward your forehead. As you do this, slide your hand up toward the neck of the bottle, keeping the same grip. It helps to have a little momentum and actually give the bottle a slight toss.

From there, bring the bottle around your head to rest on your right shoulder. You’re right in position to go into the arm roll down.

That’s it. Not too tough if you already know the 2 base moves. Be sure to practice with both hands!