Flair Lesson #27: Inverse Across Body

This is one of the first moves we’ve done that involves an upside down bottle, but is still good working flair (that is, flair that can be done with a full bottle without spilling.) It’s not uber-flashy, but it can be a good transition between other moves, some of your guests will be impressed by the full bottle upside down, and we’ll eventually add a tin to this to make a more complex move. Pointers for getting the Inverse Across the Body:

1) There is a good “lead-in” to this move that can help build momentum and be more fluid, rather than just starting from a dead spot with the bottle. Watch the beginning of the video for it – it’s a slight variation on the beginning of the Circle Swipe Thru. Holding the bottle by the neck, you essentially make a mini-circle with it to lead into the throw across the body.

2) Your hands for both the throw and the catch are palm up.

3) The trickiest part of this move is Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #27: Inverse Across Body