Flair Bartending Lesson #42: Double Glass Split Behind Back

Lesson 42

This is a much trickier Prop Flair move than we have previously been doing but it’s also a bit more fun and flashy. It helps if you are already comfortable with The Stall.

Much like the Glassware Lift-Off, start with 2 stackable glasses. This time, however, we are going to balance them on the back of our hand before tossing them through the air, catching one behind our back and one in front of us. Anytime we are learning a flair bartending move that involves two objects it is helpful to practice each item (or each hand) one at a time so we can focus on each item separately. To practice:

1) Be safe, be smart. You will break a few glasses while learning this move. Minimize the risk from broken glass by practicing safely over a floor mat. Also, make sure you are not close enough to anyone or anything that could get hurt or broken if you lose control of the glasses.

2) Start with just one lowball glass stalled on the back of your right hand. To “throw” this glass, lift your hand up and back towards you while you Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson #42: Double Glass Split Behind Back

Flair Bartending Lesson #37: Shot Stack

CAUTION: This move can be dangerous and potentially harmful to your guests. It should only be performed under certain circumstances and by someone who is 100% comfortable with the move – and even then is no guarantee of safety.

Let me repeat that: this move is potentially very dangerous. Even though I’ve performed this move many times it still occasionally falls apart on me and shatters the glasses. For this reason, I only perform this move for good friends or regulars who I think will be a bit more forgiving of me if the trick falls apart and breaks – which is still no guarantee of safety.┬áBy practicing or performing this move you are accepting this risk and responsibility and agree not to hold me liable for any incidents that may occur.

The shot stack is a different and impressive way to pour 2 or 3 shots. Rather than simply line up the glassware next to each other on the bar, you are stacking 2 or 3 glasses upon each other. When performing the Shot Stack, I prefer to pour shots neat – or straight from the bottle – to allow me one hand free in case the stack begins to fall. It is possible to pour mixed shots from a cocktail tin, but in either scenario the likelihood of liquid running down the side of the glasses increases the chances of the glasses slipping and falling.

In order to perform this move, you need to Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson #37: Shot Stack