Flair Bartending Lesson 82: Bottle Tin Mid-Air Split


Probably could’ve learned this one earlier. It’s relatively easy and has a nice fluid quality to it. It’s good working flair with a bottle and tin. Easy to go into and easy to flow into something else. Works just fine with either a 1 liter or a 750, full, half-full, or nearly empty.

Tips to getting the Bottle Tin Mid-Air Split:

1) Use a good lead-in. I really like the Bottle Tin Swipe Thru (with the inverse grip) lead-in that I use in the video. Builds momentum, makes the move more fun.

2) Your grip on the bottle should leave your thumb available. At the top of your circular motion with the bottle, place your thumb inside the tin and use it to the hold the bottle and tin together.

3) The tin should be angled slightly away from you. If the bottle were to be pointed straight away from you, the tin would be pointing down slightly.

4) Build momentum with the bottle/tin in your one hand. As you reach 2 o’clock (think of the circle you just made as a clock, and think of where the 2 is), release both the bottle and tin

5) Assuming you are right-handed – or at least had the bottle/tin in your right hand – catch the bottle with your left hand. At the same time your right hand should catch the tin.

6) Use the momentum created from this move to flow into another gnarly move.

Flair Bartending TV Lesson 81: Bottle Tin Start w/Misdirection


This week’s Flair Bartending TV lesson is a bottle & tin start, using the Misdirection we recently learned. It’s a great option to start any bottle tin routine and lends itself nicely to flow into other moves. You can see in the video – both at the beginning and the end – how to combine the Bottle Tin Start with a Swipe Thru and even add a Shadow Pass into Tin for some nice combo routines.

Tips for learning this week’s move:

1) Make sure you are comfortable with the Misdirection.

2) This is exhibition flair: make sure you are using a bottle that is less than 1/4 full.

3) Dude, watch the video.

4) Do people read these descriptions? Leave a comment if you find the descriptions helpful. Otherwise, I’m gonna get back to flipping some bottles.

Flairtending Lesson #74: Bottle Tin Over Shoulder Full Routine

This week’s flairtending move is another addition to the sequence we’ve been working on the past couple weeks. All we are doing is adding on a behind the back tin toss. Make sure you are good with the previous weeks’ flairtending moves.

It may take a little bit of practice to get the timing down; the rhythm is a bit funky since the tin takes more time to travel behind your back than it does to come under your leg. Be sure to let the tin roll off your fingers nice and evenly.

Finish this sequence by catching the bottle in the tin. This is a great flairtending sequence on its own and also works nicely as the start or finish of a much larger set of moves.

Have fun with this one and practice, practice!

Flair Bartending Lesson 73: Over Shoulder Bottle Tin w/Under Leg