Flair Lesson #21: Tin Roll Down Arm

This move isn’t crazy flashy, but it’s also not crazy difficult to learn. More importantly, it’s putting down the bottle and focusing on the tin. When you’re starting out, it’s a great idea to diversify the items you’re using to flair. Having a ton of 1 bottle moves is nice, but being able to do a few tin, glassware, ice scoop moves is even better.

Quick note about cocktail tins: for a detailed explanation, you should watch my product review of the 28 oz. Weighted Tin, but here’s the basics. Also known as cocktail shakers, tins, Boston shakers, or Mako shakers, the standard cocktail shaker that bartenders use to make drinks (and flair bartenders use to flip) are  Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #21: Tin Roll Down Arm

Flair Lesson #20: Tin Spin

I like basic tin moves because they can be really good moves to test out your crowd or your boss when you’re first starting out. This move isn’t particularly difficult so I will try not to over-explain it. We start by grabbind the tin slightly above its mid-point. If you’ve ever thrown a frisbee, the motion is very similar. Start by hinging your elbow, pushing your forearm away from you. Then flick your wrist and release your fingers on the tin, letting it spin on the balls of your hand (the opposite side of your knuckles.)

If you’re having a hard time with this, try practicing just a half-spin. Once you’re comfortable with that, try spinning the tin all the way around. Be ambidextrous – practice this move with both hands.

Flair Lesson 19: Basic Tin Behind Back

Not a lot to say about this move because it is pretty basic. However, I thought it was worth making a video for this move because it tends to be my most common starting move for making a drink. It helps to be comfortable with the Flat Behind the Back, just to be used to the catch.

Grab the tin off the bar and pull it back towards you, giving a little wrist-flick to get a half-spin and catch it behind your back. If you’re having trouble, be sure to watch it all the way into your catch.

This move is great for bars that aren’t crazy Continue Reading » Flair Lesson 19: Basic Tin Behind Back

Flair Lesson #12: Flat Behind Back

It’s time to take off the training wheels and get into your first difficult, working flair move. The Flat Behind the Back is still considered a basic move, but from my experience it’s the first bottle move we’re going to try that will take a bit of practice to get comfortable with. Here are the key points to successfully learning the Flat Behind the Back:

1) There are two parts to this move: the throw and the catch. Let’s break down and focus on each part.

2) Hold the bottle by the body. When you are first starting, gripping the bottle by the body (not the neck or shoulders) will be the easiest for tossing the bottle without rotating it. Ultimately, you will want to be able to pull the bottle out of the rail Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #12: Flat Behind Back

Flair Lesson #10: Tin Double Same Hand Grab Around Head

I LOVE THIS MOVE!! This can be a tricky one when you’re getting started, but once you get it down you’ll know what I’m talking about. Part of what I love about this working flair move is that it only involves a tin – no need to worry about spilling or breaking a bottle! Tips to getting this move down:

1) Start with a proper grip on the tin: thumb and middle finger on opposite sides on the mouth of the tin.

2) Practice the throw first. Use your other hand to practice the catch while you get comfortable and consistent with throwing a double spin, focusing on being able to catch it right next to your ear.

3) The throw shouldn’t involve your whole arm, but rather focus on two things: 1) bending your elbow at the same time as you 2) flick your wrist to spin the tin. Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #10: Tin Double Same Hand Grab Around Head