Flair Lesson #6: Change Grip into Flat Behind Back

When we’re just getting started as a flair bartender, I like to treat moves like building blocks: we start with small moves that we can combine together into making slightly cooler moves or even “mini-routines.” This Around the Head Grip Change is a great starting building block.

For this particular move, the Change Grip into Flat Behind the Back, make sure you’re comfortable with Lesson #5: Change Grip with Fencer’s Flourish. We’re just adding a new ending to that move, which is the catch behind the back. My tips for how to get comfortable with the behind the back catch: Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #6: Change Grip into Flat Behind Back

Flair Lesson #5: Change Grip with Fencer’s Flourish

In this video, we are simply adding a different finish to the Change Grip Around the Head maneuver that we should already be comfortable with. As with nearly all moves, practice this first at home with an empty bottle or a FlairCo practice bottle. Once you are comfortable with this move – BEFORE you try this at work – be sure to practice it at home with a “live” bottle.

My practice area at home always has FlairCo practice bottles, empty glass bottles, 1/4 full glass bottles, and 1/2 full glass bottels. When I learn new moves, I try them with my FlairCo practice bottles until I can get the move down 90% of the time. Then I switch to a real “live” empty glass bottle. It’s good to get used to the slight difference in feel. Then I upgrade to a bottle that has a little bit of water in it, just to see how the move will feel when I do it at work and to make sure I’m not spilling. Finally, if it’s a working flair move, I finish by practicing with a 1/2 full bottle to make sure that I can perform the move without spilling a drop.

Flair Lesson #2: Back of the Hand Cradle

Our first real move to learn is called a Back of the Hand Cradle. This is a good, basic, working flair move that can be done with nearly any bottle – probably not a great one for Chambord, but I particularly like tall bottles like Midori, Belvedere, or Galliano for this move. Get a nice comfortable throw across your body, letting it fall or tilt slightly. Use the back of your two hands, held slightly apart, to cradle the bottle and then springboard it back to your other hand. It’s not crazy difficult – you should be able to get the basic motion down after a few minutes of practice – but we’re starting small.

Start by practicing with an empty bottle or with a FlairCo practice bottle. Before you try this at work, Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #2: Back of the Hand Cradle

Flair Lesson #1: The Drop

Every journey begins with a single step…

And so it begins with your journey into the world of flair bartending. I know you’re excited to start flipping bottles and getting crazy behind the bar – and I’m excited for you – but we’ve got to start small. Real small. In Lesson #1, we’re learning how to drop. Maybe that seems silly, like teaching someone how to play baseball by teaching them how to strike out, but I stand by the importance of this lesson. We’re not just learning how to drop – everyone can do that fine on their own – but we’re really focusing on two things: 1) learning how to practice and learn flair safely, in a safe environment with the proper tools, and 2) gaining confidence from accepting the fact the learning to flair bartend takes time. If it was easy, Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #1: The Drop