Flair Lesson #21: Tin Roll Down Arm

This move isn’t crazy flashy, but it’s also not crazy difficult to learn. More importantly, it’s putting down the bottle and focusing on the tin. When you’re starting out, it’s a great idea to diversify the items you’re using to flair. Having a ton of 1 bottle moves is nice, but being able to do a few tin, glassware, ice scoop moves is even better.

Quick note about cocktail tins: for a detailed explanation, you should watch my product review of the 28 oz. Weighted Tin, but here’s the basics. Also known as cocktail shakers, tins, Boston shakers, or Mako shakers, the standard cocktail shaker that bartenders use to make drinks (and flair bartenders use to flip) are  Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #21: Tin Roll Down Arm