NBC’s America’s Got Talent

I got an email from a casting agent at NBC’s TV show America’s Got Talent; they are looking for flair bartenders to audition for this season. They’ve already filmed some episodes of the show and are looking to fill a flair bartending spot pretty quickly. The right person or team will have to be 1) talented, 2) unique, and 3) American (sorry my non-US people, it’s an American show). I would be auditioning for the spot myself but my schedule is taking me overseas for the next two weeks. If you’ve got a unique, impressive style, you should give it a shot. Also, after chatting with the casting agent I feel like two people doing a solid tandem routine would have a better shot – they’ve had flair bartenders before and they’re looking for something that really stands out.

My understanding is that you’ll need to submit a 90 second audition tape of your routine. They want to have this wrapped up very quickly – as in this week or next – so get on it asap. That’s all the information I have. If you’re interested, email me from my Contact Form¬†and I’ll pass along the casting agent’s info. Be sure to select “America’s Got Talent” in the subject line and include your email/contact info.

Share this post on Facebook with anyone you think would like the opportunity. Good luck! Can’t wait to see you on TV!