Flare Bartending Lesson #63: Basic Snatch Into Tin Around Head

I know I get geeked out by a bunch of different moves, but this one is just rocking good fun. It’s fast paced, easy to learn, and decently flashy. It also finishes in a great position, leaving you open to tons of other sequences. Let’s get down to it:

1) The Basic Snatch pretty much requires a 750 ml bottle. I’ve seen people try it with a 1 Liter but there really is no room for error with those (plus, it just kind of looks weird.)

2) This is technically Working Flair so you should be able to do this with nearly any amount of liquid in the bottle. However, I also include it in the Exhibition Flair category because of the use of the 750 ml bottle.

3) You may hear this move – where the bottle lands bottom-first into the tin – called either a nest, nesting, or a snatch. Oftentimes, Continue Reading » Flare Bartending Lesson #63: Basic Snatch Into Tin Around Head

Product Review: FlairCo Practice Bottles

What can I say about the FlairCo Bottles? Whatever I say here won’t quite capture how revolutionary these bottles were for the sport of flair bartending. When I first started to learn to flip bottles, I saw these online and thought, “Why spend $25 on some plastic bottles when I can just bring home empties from work and practice with those.” That worked for a few months. Then one day, while I was trying to figure out a 2 bottle move, the two empty bottles I’d been using collided in mid-air and shattered into a million pieces, leaving broken glass all over my living room floor. No joke, I went directly to my computer and ordered 2 of these before I went back to spend an hour picking up broken glass before my roommate got home. Continue Reading » Product Review: FlairCo Practice Bottles