Flair Lesson #11: Bounce Cut

Great functional flair bartending move! This works well as another finish to our Change Grip Around the Head, but is great for a number of other sequences as well.

To practice this, start with a bottle that is completely full of water. Put a pour spout on it and grab a tin. I really prefer the Spill Stop 285-50 Metal Pour Spouts, but use whatever you have available to you or the pour spouts you use at work. It helps to keep a dry towel nearby, too. Start by leaving the tin on the bar top and just practice the “bounce” part of the Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #11: Bounce Cut

Flair Lesson #8: Change Grip Arm Roll Down with Tin

Hey, whaddya know: another add-on to the Change Grip Around the Head? Crazy, I know. This move isn’t really more difficult than the previous sequence of moves, but I wanted to make a separate video for this move for two reasons:

1) It is our first flair move involving two objects!

2) This lesson is meant to illustrate the fact that even if the drink you are making doesn’t need to be shaken in a mixing tin, you can still use one while you are flairing. A ton of the flair bartending moves we’re going to be learning use 1 bottle and 1 mixing tin. I’d like to think I’m a pretty smart guy, but it wasn’t until I sat at my first flair bar – two years after starting to learn flair moves – that I watched the bartenders flip a bottle and tin, pour the liquor into the tin, and then pour the tin into the glass they served me. This was actually revelatory for me. I thought you only grabbed a tin if you needed to shake a martini. Maybe you’re smarter than me, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to point it out. (See the video 2:21 and 2:35 for what I’m talking about.)