What tools do I need if I’m just starting out?

Most basic flair bartending moves involve a liquor bottle and/or a cocktail tin. When I first started flairing, I borrowed a tin from work and brought home some empty bottles. This worked for a little while – until I shattered glass all over my living room carpet. Sooner rather than later, you’ll want to get your first practice bottle and a tin or two. Checkout my review of the FlairCo bottle if you have questions.

Checkout the flair packages I’ve put together for people just starting to learn flair bartending at the top of the left hand column. In a perfect world, you’ll want to get the Complete Flair Package (a 1 Liter bottle, a 750 ml bottle, 4-5 weighted tins, and other accoutrements) but  in reality get whatever fits your budget. We ship just about anywhere in the world.

Where can I find the bottles and tins that you use in your videos?

Everything I use in my videos can be purchased directly from my bar supply store. I’ve put together a couple different flair bartending packages, from the bare necessities to a complete flair package, so you can find whatever fits your price range and get started with just the basics or a complete set for everything you’ll need.

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