I’m having a difficult time with a move. Any advice?

Not to sound unsympathetic but practice, practice, and practice some more! If it was easy, every bottle-jockey would be doing it.

Have patience and be confident that you will succeed if you stick with it. My goal anytime I learn a new move is to land it – or even come close to landing it – just once in my first 100 attempts. Depending on the difficulty of the move I may not even get it once out of the first hundred, but if you can eventually land the move even once then you know it’s possible. From there it’s a patience and numbers game. See if you can get it 2 out of 100 tries. Then 3 out of a 100.

Pay attention in the videos to the way I break down the moves. Sometimes something as simple as the direction your palm is facing can be critical. Some moves I’ve learned in a day, others took me weeks or months of non-stop practice. Flair bartending isn’t easy, but that’s part of what makes it exciting to watch.

After all of this if you’re still having a problem with a particular move, upload a video of you flairing to YouTube and send me the link. I’ll check it out and see what’s up.